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Job Ref.: 
Admin and Secretarial
Job Location: 
London SE1
Recruiting For: 
a full time job position
Exact Salary: 
Salary and Benefits: 

Salary £24,000- £26,000 p.a. depending on experience

Hours: 35 hours a week, Monday to Friday 10am to 5.30pm (allowing half an hour for lunch) or 10am to 6.00pm (allowing an hour for lunch)

Number of vacancies: 
I would like to receive applications from residents in: 
Lambeth and Southwark
Job Description: 

Role: To be responsible for taking hall hire bookings, ensuring that hirers are invoiced and pay on time: to assist in the recruitment of caretakers; and to line manage caretakers

Main duties

A.        Provide an effective hall hire booking service

  1. To show potential hall hire users round the building and where appropriate take bookings. Before completing the booking process, the postholder will calculate the charge for the booking and ensure that potential users understand this charge, hall hire, health and safety, and insurance conditions and that they have signed agreement to this effect. As part of the booking process, the postholder will ensure agreement with user is reached about their needs (e.g. re room layout, equipment needs, list of caterers etc).
  2. To liaise as necessary with hall hire users making changes in requirements when requested and possible.
  3. To issue invoices to users for hall hire, take payment, and ensure that income has been received before date of letting (unless an exemption has been agreed).
  4. To cancel bookings if payment has not been received (unless an exemption has been agreed).
  5. To enter all necessary information into Avalon (the hall hire booking programme).
  6. To communicate effectively with the Finance Worker and as needed other staff, Trustees and volunteers, including accurate and up to date information about hall hire.
  7. To maintain and update as necessary information relevant to hall hire on our website, and in the reception area.
  8. To assist users by ensuring they have access to things they need while in the building, or that for the evening caretakers have access to these things to pass on.
  9. To maintain and update an e-mail list of users to ensure effective regular communication with hall hire users; and to keep in touch with them, including holding occasional meetings for users in different categories.
  10. To involve and supervise volunteers in contributing to hall hire.

B.        Provide line management of the evening and weekend caretakers

  1. To ensure caretakers perform the tasks required satisfactorily.
  2. To ensure that a caretaker is available when needed.
  3. To check caretakers’ notes daily for any problems which have arisen during their shift and deal with these as necessary.
  4. To manage time sheets, leave arrangements, note sickness and arrange cover for caretakers.
  5. To recruit caretakers when there are vacancies and to provide induction and training for caretakers.
  6. To inform the Finance Worker of the hours worked by each caretaker so that an appropriate monthly payment can be made through the payroll.
  7. To review changes which need to be made in caretaker roles for the future and suggest these to the Office Manager/Centre Co-ordinator and Trustees.


C. Contribute to the general wellbeing of the Centre, working with staff, Trustees and volunteers including.

    1. Deputise for the Office Manager/Co-ordinator when s/he is unavailable or busy

    2. Hold an up to date first aid certificate and contribute with any emergencies.

    3 Other duties as required

Further note on possible development of role:

If the postholder is interested once they have settled into their main duties, there is scope to explore an expansion of work (e.g. by undertaking bookings for small community centres).




Person Specification


  1. Interviewing skills so as to be able to ascertain users’ hall hire requirements quickly and efficiently.
  2. Previous experience of hall hire or of administrative co-ordination in a similar role.
  3. Proven capacity to establish good working relations with a wide range of current and potential users.
  4. Commitment to ensuring that the best possible use of the halls is made in line with our policies.
  5. Financially numerate and able to calculate hall hire costs accurately and quickly.
  6. Interpersonal skills to follow up and ensure payments of invoices.
  7. Very well organised and accurate, so as to ensure that hall hire operates efficiently at all times.
  8. Good written skills, such as to ensure relevant and accessible information on the website.
  9. Capacity to use a computer effectively including experience of or ability to use software programme such as Avalon.
  10. Good time keeping.
  11. Either possessing a current 4 day First Aid certificate or a willingness to go on such training.


  1. Experience of staff management or supervision.
  2. Previous use of Avalon package or an alternative bookings or room hire software programme.
  3. Having been a volunteer or involved volunteers.
  4. Experience in community projects


Closing Date: 12th November 2018 at 10am for completed application forms





To apply for this job please email us a cover letter and your most up-to-date CV.

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