Community Green Champion

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Charity and Public Services
Job Location: 
Recruiting For: 
a volunteer
Salary Range: 
Volunteer Role
Salary and Benefits: 
Training and networking opportunities, as well as participating, planing and organising local events.
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I would like to receive applications from: 
Job Description: 
Community Green Champions is Bankside Open Spaces Trust new initiative -which is about building our community with green spaces at its heart. We are looking for keen local residents to get involved in the care, design and development of local green spaces. The Green Champion will act as the voice for their local community to drive passion for green spaces. They will have the opportunity to gain knowledge and play a big part within the network of people and organisations they help build and create. They will be supported by the Green Champions facilitator which will help them to identify any training needs, funding opportunities and guidance they might require to help them build a sustainable, empowered and collaborative network of organisations and individuals caring for green spaces, ensuring that communities have the capacity to continue project activities.
Person specification and Experience required: 
You should be passionate about green spaces and interested in networking and collaborative work.
No specific qualifications, just interest in gardening and open spaces.
To apply for this job please email us a cover letter and your most up-to-date CV.

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